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This album is about a lot of things.

It’s about a divine moment of truth and sound kissing silence.
It’s about clumsy, colourful people.
It’s about the making of an artist and an engineer mastering himself.
It’s about slowing down and opening up.
It’s about unclothed expression and lighting a fire in the belly of individuality.
It’s about a phoenix of dignity rising from the dying embers of pride.
It’s about becoming infatuated with the idea of someone.
It’s about an awkward misunderstanding and a verbal Molotov. It’s about holding your happiness hostage and developing Stockholm syndrome.
It’s standing up for what’s right and sitting down too much.
It’s about a girl who made sense and a house that did not.

And it’s about time you heard it!


released August 3, 2017

Vocals, bass, drums, djembe, guitar, keys, glockenspiel and needless defiance - Dathan Horridge
Vocals, guitar, keys, claps, clicks and more work than any man should ever have to do - Chris Harding
Face melting lead guitar - Nick McCann (tracks 1, 3, 7 & 11)
Vocals with ATTITUDE - Robyn Johnson (tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 & 11), Michael Markham (track 2) and Emma Wood (track 8).

Poem read by John Maurice on "Dignity".

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris Harding.
Arranged and produced by Dathan Horridge and Chris Harding.
All tracked in Belper, with heartfelt thanks to John Robins.



all rights reserved


BIG! Derby, UK

BIG consists of five human tings:

Dathan "Feedback" Horridge - drums/vocals

Nick "Lotion" McCan - Lead guitar

Gabe "Thunder" Newton-Wild - acoustic/vocals

Bruce "Ice" Milburn - Bass/vocals

Kelly "Shuffle" Anna - Djembe/vocals
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Track Name: Hysterical
When the walls become electric and the separation leaves,
I re-join the gardens growing whilst sowing all the seeds
How genius to remind a human they can breathe,
For this grounding knowledge is all I’ll ever need

Realigned, feeling fine, there’s no better disguise to conceal a prize
than behind your eyes, don’t you find?

I like it is snowing on glitter frozen leaves,
I can’t begin to question why the pattern weaves,
When the quiet speaks in layers, I chuckle at the ground,
I hear a higher symphony in the absence of sound

The sky is incredible, sometimes it’s cold
Like a great festival, out of control
Our lips won’t contain all of the insane,
You see it as sunshine, despite all the rain

Life is hysterical, punchlines of gold
Incomprehensible, nothing to hold
Onto when it will keep swimming away,
It just takes a friend to keep grinning and say

I love you, I love you and I’ll never stop
I’ll give you the key to my own rusted lock,
We’ll drink the moon and we’ll sing with the stars,
This day was amazing, this evening is ours!

Realigned, feeling fine, there’s no better disguise to conceal a prize
than behind your eyes, don’t you find?

I feel like a cathedral crumbling into dust,
With theories so medieval and bodies full of lust
A spinning yarn of magic running out of thread,
What happens isn’t tragic, I don’t believe we’re dead

All we inspire is bound to take flight,
What we conspire is found in the fight
The ongoing rage, it snows on the stage,
But passion needs patience to be understood

Suddenly all is where it should be,
It’s not that hard to set yourself free
Avoid using words to get yourself heard,
Your life is unlocked and your eyes are the key…
Track Name: People
Shake it up, shake it up, you ain’t settling for second best
Everything, everything is accessible to all so be my guest
Be a part of something great, stretch the soul and celebrate today
You’re the key; you’re the key to understand the mystery your own way

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful people
We’re unusual, juvenile, musical people
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful people
All is well

Your eyes as bright as a diamond, devour me like a lion
I am surprised you were hiding, maybe you’re scared of the siren
Into the deep we go diving, we better get you deciding,
Cause all the people are dividing, so everyday we’re inviting…

… we’re inviting
You to see the beauty in the evident, every hurdle is part of the development,
This universe could not be more intelligent, it moves in you subtle and elegant,
This isn’t our land it’s a settlement, embrace the idea that you’re excellent
Speak truth, transcend from your residence, until all your rooms are cleared of elephants

Shake it up, shake it up, you ain’t settling for second best
Everything, everything is accessible to all so be my guest
Be a part of something great, stretch the soul and celebrate today
You’re the key, you’re the key to understand the mystery your own way

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful people
We’re unusual, juvenile, musical people
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful people
All is well

What to say, where to go, all of the answers I wanna know
What does it take to put on a show and make their faces glow
I’m astonished, not that modest, we are capable of anything
Everything and anything and everything is melody

Such a deforestation of our souls, and a common incarceration in our homes,
You cannot take the determination from our goals, I feel the exhilaration in my bones

We gotta go, gotta get away, gotta glow like a volcano, we’ve gotta work, gotta play, gotta learn what to say, gotta earn every day, every night, gottagottagottagottagotta

BUT we’re gonna be alright, ignite in the night like thermite, we’ve gotta try, we’ve gotta get it right, get it wrong, everything in between,
Do you know what I mean?!
Gotta wake from a dream, pay for your meal, say what you feel, make this real, make it magic,
Make it now, shake the lava underground and the karma all around
A thrill will shape the dialect, this chill pill has no other side effect
This country needs a gallon of compassion, empathy will never go out of fashion

Tripping on the linen, gotta listen, we are living the beginning of a mission, cut the ribbon, let’s find some peace and pleasure peppered on the planet like a condiment, we’ll pick a place and put a pen or pencil to a pad of paper, then play in major or minor until the day that we die and that day is coming, so you better stop running, you and I can unify, euthanize lies to rise and revolutionize

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful people
We’re unusual, juvenile, musical people
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful people
All is well

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful people
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful people
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful people
You’re the key; you’re the key
to understand the mystery your own way
Track Name: Opia
Damn, there’s just still so much left to do, ran out of places to run to, this realisations overdue and
I am burning this opportunity
Damn, I seem to always end up here, I mean this happens every year and it’s when I begin to fear that I’m not learning, and if I am I have a strange way of showing it
So, many places to dissolve, I’m postponing the resolve and yet I’m yearning to evolve and be honest
To myself more than others
Truth is what you make it and I know that it is never gonna go anywhere but it’ll show again I promise, we’re throwing off the covers

Cold and losing weight to make this great,
how long are these takes taking me?
Patient I will be, cause I can see that
my mistakes are breaking me
Stunned and shy, I can’t reply when
life is listing reasons not to die
You are sound and sound affects me,
in my eyes you’re always sexy
Burn my pride at stake to make this great.
Is what I’m making, making me?
Track Name: Atlantis
It all goes on, uninterrupted.
A heart shaped volcano erupted.
Your town of Pompeii didn't know what to say,
That's how I learnt you got burned.

Soil is crumbling, somehow Atlantis is alive,
No more struggling, you are here to hear it all arrive.

Breathe in circles, peace is heard,
Feed the journals, vision blurred.
See in purple, free the birds.
It's non-verbal, so leave the words

The statues are finally weeping,
Those secrets you've kept are worth keeping.
Library of leaves, written in soil,
The water only cools after it’s boiled.

Always wondering, see the grand canyon in your hand.
No more stumbling, blades of grass carve the sacred land.
Soil is crumbling; disappear if you feel the need
Always humbling, to cook a meal or bring a mouth to feed

Paint acrylics, we envisage,
Aim our spirits towards the village,
Fallen gimmicks, ego spillage,
Pointless lyrics, random image

Bring me truth on a plate, just give me another take!

You'll never escape the present you make
If what has past is dead, then come be here instead.
You'll never escape the present you make
The wind is blowing, the water's blowing,
The fire's growing; the earth is showing you … what it’s always done

Are you late… or am I early?
End it all, prematurely
Track Name: Kameleyun
Invading the silence
My visions are swirling
The strangers are Giants
Who peer from the caves

it all starts with tinder
These strings don't stop curling
Right around my finger,
The mystery braves.

I'm Purring, those whiskers,
The trees are my sisters,
Let's sing Chinese whispers
Don't frighten the spark.

Creating a science
The strangers are Giants
Invading the silence
We'll brighten the dark!
Pick a day, getaway, any-day, any
How, anytime, anyway, getaway today's the day…

There's a free gallery, lottery, seventy -
three calorie salary, gotta see today,
they'll still wish you would stay

Remedy memories with a true melody
legacy, have a new therapy today, hooray!

Accelerate adrenaline to cloud nine,
Facilitate the questioning of
How'd I...
...get here?
I'll be honest I have absolutely no idea

What are we really, and where is the proof?
This song is merely a symbol of truth
I hope you're flying with wings made of glass,
you'll find me lying face down in the grass

The canyon below has always been so warm
the gentle impression, we kissed by the dawn
I found you climbing, those boulders you gripped,
burning the core of each feather they clipped

So how long can I draw this for?
It sounds more bouncy than before,
Solo acoustic overture!
Our gaze keeps returning to the floor.

I wrote this verse at half past three,
To harness all the energy
Somehow these tired eyes can see an,
Answer to where am I meant to

Be, OH! This got real! Fresh cup of coffee came with a hot meal.
Got feeling and a lot of moves, some of them are gonna wanna hear this groove,
Do you wanna make this sacred vow, no-one’s ever gonna show you how cause
Some of them are gonna wanna take your bow, there’s never gonna be a better day than now

So much passion to condense, I make noise more than I make sense,
Let that crescendo commence, I ain't gonna leave you in suspense.

I met the
Comedian, and laughed with his brothers
Chameleon, what are your true colours?

Is it hard or just confusing?
Be on guard, you're only human

Chameleon, enjoyable riddle
Convenient to dance in the middle

Smell the faint aroma of your freshly forged persona, oh my days
Losing days to find the night and light lethargic dynamite,
Give up the struggle don’t be lonely,
Split the shovel for we could both be

CHAMELEONS, wouldn't that be funny?!
Your decision counts more than your money
Comedian, keep us amused
Chameleon, transition so smooth

We are providing
A tropical surface
Our gazes colliding
I'm staring in awe

There's action for miles,
Welcome to the service
Encourage the smiles
We're sharing the floor

I'm growling, these towers,
My cousins are flowers.
The meteor showers
Are letters we sent

We welcome new clients,
The strangers are Giants
Invading the silence
Who knows what i meant?
Track Name: Dignity
Say that again? I’m afraid I don’t follow…
Buy me some time; I’ll pay you back tomorrow
the clouds are euphoric; the showers are hollow

Strange ways to spend, the hours we borrow
Life is a price you can’t pay with your debit
Death is a fortune that all will inherit
isn’t it time that you gave yourself some credit?
You’re an extraordinary thing

...and don’t you forget it!
Track Name: Fridge
The drops of paint are drying fast, looks like we found a cosy spot to hide at last.
Still caught in what you made before, but you still have the power to tell me what you saw
The pens will sing beneath their lids, proposing to the paper, so let them have kids
Vision bursts onto the page, multiply moments and spray paint the stage

I’m freezing! -cause all I seem to do is chill
I’m seizing! The days which satisfy a thrill
But I need the discipline, I need the drive,
Somebody helped me stay alive
Is that worth dying for?

It’s easy to imagine us, together without worry and plenty to discuss
it’s just a fantasy for now, so let’s figure out WHY instead of HOW
With you I feel that I am safe, especially when I’m in that tired, self-involved state.
Even monsters have to sleep, but the caves are occupied so tonight we’re on the street!

I’m freezing! -cause all I seem to do is chill
I’m seizing! The days which satisfy a thrill
But I need the discipline, I need the drive,
Somebody helped me stay alive
Is that worth dying for?

I’m only trying to find the joy, don’t mean to offend disturb, upset or annoy,
Sometimes I only see the blue, but the guardians of greyscale, they need loving too.
So I am picking up the brush, smearing my colours there’s no need to rush
Smitten since I saw her sing, inspired me to write this down now let me do my thing!

Love is strong, forms the bridge,
One way conversations with my fridge
Now I’ve untangled my headphones
Love is strong, strange and swift,
I was not expecting such a gift,
Hope they write this on my headstone
Track Name: Samurai
Treat every lonely day as a break from being wrong or right,
Sleep is the only way to escape what we become at night
See in the dark, misty hills and rivers, leaves and twigs.
Each beating heart gives me chills and shivers beneath my ribs

Hard to believe, things can get stranger (just set me free, what are you not telling me?)
I’m glad you saw the absence of danger (in your eyes, I saw lust… are you someone I can trust?)
Someone please confiscate the urge to overcompensate
I simply guess, I was a guest than a stranger

(just show me what you mean)
That look in your eyes,
As you fold your arms,
Don’t look so surprised,
I mean you no harm

The spotlights above,
The presence of calm,
The quest to find love,
I mean you no harm

On the wrong foot I got off, I threw a verbal Molotov,
Time to consider and space to perform
Molecular moisture, the world is your oyster,
You saw me shiver but I’m feeling warm

Treat every lonely day as a break from being wrong or right,
Sleep is the only way to escape what we become at night
Take extra care if you’re handling someone else’s heart,
You’ve gotta share understanding is a good place to start

Laughing out loud, oh such a flavour (man that’s my favourite thing! graceful glaze awakening)
No backing out now, no-one’s gonna save ya (so unprepared but I am far from feeling scared)
Silently elevate and feel your senses celebrate
Time to be still, blankets befriend my behaviour

(Are you my lucid dream?)
That look in your eyes,
As you read my palm,
Don’t look so surprised,
I mean you no harm

The lanterns above,
The quest to find calm,
The presence of love,
I mean you no harm

Our bells are ringing, believe in the charm
This room is singing, I mean you no harm
See how we live, it’s freedom we farm
So much to give, I mean you no harm
Track Name: Extra
Realise that you are on your own,
A temple of blood, flesh and bone
Everyday indoors we hardly moved
Leaving our ambition barbecued

Fire burns the grass, it has come to pass
You see the tragedy explode and
all that's left to do is walk the road

You're exhausted not sure what to do,
When attachment takes its toll on you.
You must choose which glass you’re going to raise
Climb out of the indecisive haze

I have tried to help where I can,
But this world spits on a positive man.
Life's a testament to broken dreams,
"An unexpected extra stole my scene."

Fire burns the grass, it has come to pass
They’ll never take away your smile,
consumed by chaos but we’re no longer in denial

Repair and grow and live and love and heal,
You've got a thousand layers left to peel.
Be aware of every second born
Fear is just a fire and you'll get warm
Track Name: Quarry
Enter our sweet capricious
World, you'll fall in with a splash, get dry and bat your lash, hope it lasts,
I am running out of reasons that could justify my leaving

Girl, your eyes betray the mask. It's all I ever ask, hope it lasts.
Tipsy, wired, tuckered out, sink into the underground
Shuffle shake it spin and sizzle, over under, you'll discover

Another new way to move your body, melancholy in the quarry, will you sit and wait for me
I'm running my mouth to get it out, but you are gone so I'll hang back and wait for you patiently
Would they be opposed if we took off our clothes?
My mind is surely naked, this night is something sacred,
And if it gets too much, I'll find a friendly face or a place to create a little sanctuary

Mystic evening, is it Saturday? Feel my breathing there
Cryptic greetings, we evaporate, feet are leaving ground

I'm looking around at the surroundings, I'm astounded that they found this enchanting paradise
My eyes are kinda loaded, I am sure that time exploded, but these lovely people suffice
Would they be opposed, if we took off our clothes?
There's no way it's dishonest, skinny tripping in the forest
But there are boundaries to respect, and lots of memories to collect, so I'll make my sacrifice

Are you leaving, wherever have we met? Am I even there?
Can you feel this? It’s unignorable, can you feel the

Air?! Amplifier acrobats they
Stare, Reassessing what I truly
cared for, Speak a little louder, be
prepared for... Souls to share the smiles they wear

Wow… is all I have to say, there are no words to convey, this day

Maybe the true intent of my small introspective tent was to contain a mystery blend
The people here are looking better every second, well I reckon it's time to make a friend
I can't promise a thing, for I can barely string,
This... sentence together, look at that now aren't i clever
I haven’t disagreed with anyone in hours, a weightless heart and a head full of flowers

Let the trees in, trying to hold smoke, merely seizing air
Am I freezing? Taste another toke. Such a tease you share…

ROAR, psilocybin concubines, they
Saw gravity before we hit the
Floor, we will not be silenced any
More, rhythm riddled river runs for sure
Track Name: Whoa
She said wait a minute, we can do this sensibly!
You’ll always get reactions if you’ve got the chemistry

You’ve got that special thing going up on in your smile, and I’m wondering how you’d feel if you could see it for a second, and I reckon where I’m sitting, is the best seat in the house
And that ain’t meant to antagonise any other couch, where does the dragon hide, what makes a tiger crouch, I never found a chorus inside a tobacco pouch, just another bridge to burn

I learned long ago that words don’t always help, when you diagnose yourself, it influences your health, what you say paints the way for how you live today, dip the brush before it dries
Cry without hiding or justifying or showing try to envision how each and every other journeys going, why do we criticise the only boat that we are rowing when the river takes a turn

Our hello was informal so our farewell shouldn’t be a funeral
There’s no way to make this normal, whatever we still have is beautiful
Our song grew in intensity, so now we strum the solitary chord
I can’t lose the memory let’s spend the time that we can now afford

At the end of the day I wish you the best, to this little hotel you were my favourite guest
I want you to keep running if I need a rest, I know this exercise
I put up my walls you were the bulldozer, playing solitaire until you taught me poker
I’m ready to listen attentive and sober, that’s how I recognise

Woah, let’s sit outside this fight
Woah, this could go on all night
Woah, let’s sit outside this fight
Woah, this could go on all night

I’m not trying to run too far or push away what you’re saying
We’re on the same team just different games we are playing

There’s no shame in being different
There’s no shame in feeling different

And if you weren’t free when you collided with me then there’s no way I could be outraged or bitter, you took out the litter when you got yourself clean
Losing friends is difficult, can bring a little ridicule but solitude is critical to be an individual, a silence in the syllables, its reciprocal, high-fiving your dreams
Making friends is easier, when it hits you like a meteor, just never feel superior or make it too familiar, leave a little room for lots of mystery, yeah
Friendship is another story, won’t fit in a category, nourishment is mandatory, listen to your laboratory, sing together, add the glory as it goes on and

… we’ll make history
Track Name: Clover
The angels are sober and god is hungover, you’re my four leaf clover, towards the sky I’m gazing, she keeps the fire blazing
Jeans made for ripping, and Jesus be tripping, that rose’ she’s sipping, the spirit always raising, vodka double glazing

Life is gorgeous, you know it to be true, the sedative is negative;
the answer is you.
You are flawless, a marvellous design, the positive’s provocative, but it’ll
never be mine

Say a
Prayer for serotonin but notice the omen, any frothing and foaming, don’t cut yourself when shaving, the hands of time are waving
Your grin so inviting, the candles and lighting, it’s your neck I’m biting, vampires misbehaving but the castle is amazing…

We can change this country, for freedom I’m hungry, a proud social junkie, it’s so exhilarating when we’re collaborating.
These options we’re browsing, there’s literally thousands. It’s kind of arousing; we’re always graduating but keep on fabricating

Life is gorgeous, we’ll walk each other home, with eyes and feet, to find your street, don’t feel so alone.
You are flawless and we’ll make it to the end, your company it sung to me; we all need a friend

Ghostly enchanted, so close up and slanted, who knows what we’ve planted, the garden is pulsating when we are alternating
We’ll mess up the bedding, the spreading and shredding, our souls have gone sledding, your dressing gown is waiting… I find you fascinating